​Jim Marshall Documentary Photography Fellowship: Awarded the Jim Marshall fellowship for merit-based work highlighting conflict, poverty, and child welfare.

Dominican Republic Baseball: For two weeks, I will be documenting a local US baseball team touring through the Dominican Republic playing local DR teams in a first-of-its-kind match up.

​​Dorothea Lang Photography Fellowship: Awarded the fellowship for a project to document the current situation on the US/Mexico border by documenting social issues on both sides of the border wall.

Beginning in 2009, Kyle has documented, by photograph and dispatch, critical situations and the human condition in areas such as Syria, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Myanmar, Cambodia, Kashmir, Thailand, and India. Featuring many crucial stories related to conflict, poverty, child welfare, and woman's rights, his work is found in many publications.

He currently resides in Oakland, California.

Since 1948 the state of Israel has controlled the land previously  known as Palestine. Over the decades, Palestinians have resisted the apartheid system that is now being compared to 1980's South Africa.

After national protests to depose the current ruler, Syria quickly slipped into the brutal war that's now entering its fifth year with no clear end in sight. Thousands of civilians have been killed while millions flee to surrounding countries.

With such a large land mass and population, India has many social justice issue to address in it's future: poverty, medical supplies, disputed territory, education & domestic violence.

The Myanmar government is constantly fighting ethnic factions vying for sovereignty while many civilians are wounded from war and outmoded weaponry while Thailand's mass flood left the country submerged. Over 500 deaths, 3 million people affected.


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