Most of these stories will continue to go untold. Although these children
have survived through the violence physically unharmed, their wounds are deep,
and their traumas are clearly visible. Students occasionally break down in
tears, crying uncontrollably for their deceased parents, and an entire class of
children will instinctively cower under their desks for fear of bombing when
the sound of an airplane is heard overhead.

The Syrian war has killed over 200,000 people, and displaced millions. With
every passing day the situation on the ground is turning more dire, and the
seeds of revenge are only being sown deeper in minds of those whom have had
their lives desolated. An entire generation of Syrian children are at risk of
being forgotten; left to a life of exile, trauma, and complete

Many of these children have nothing to hold on to; they now
live in this foreign land, separated from their homes and families, traumatized
by the bloody fighting that has torn all they knew asunder. Some have seen
their fathers killed in the aimless barrel bombings, and their brothers
imprisoned and tortured by Syrian government forces. Some have seen their
mothers and sisters raped and brutalized by power-crazed militia thirsting for
a sense of domination. Too many have experienced all of these tragedies, and
yet have somehow managed to make it out alive, only to now begin their lives
anew as orphan refugees.

Syrian Child Refugees & Orphanage Schools